What Are Cognitive Skills?

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At A Cognitive Connection, we are dedicated to helping individuals throughout Colorado Springs live the life they deserve. As a center for cognitive and behavioral therapy, we implement science-based strategies to help our clients improve their cognitive abilities in order to inspire behavior change. Our team of trained experts has the knowledge and experience to determine the best treatment plan and method that will help you reach your cognitive goals. Whether you are looking to treat a cognitive disability or want to improve your attention span, cognitive skills can be earned by training your brain to improve its overall function and ability.  

Similar to how we can improve our physical skills, like learning how to juggle, we can improve our cognitive skills. Whether we realize it or not, we put our cognitive skills to the test every day. From remembering which streets to turn on to get to work to communicating with friends and family, cognitive skills are what allow us to make our way through life. Cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to learn, think, read, reason, pay attention, and remember. Together, cognitive skills help us to live life to the fullest. However, if a specific skill is weak, it can cause a rift in your brain’s overall functioning ability. In order to showcase the necessity of cognitive skills, our team has created a guide to the different types of cognitive skills and how we use them every day. 

Memory Skills 

Memory is an essential cognitive skill that we exercise moment by moment. Memory allows us to perform skills we have learned in the past, recall important information and help us learn from past experiences. A poorly functioning or weak memory can cause short and long-term memory loss. This can be seen in poor performance at work, doing badly on an exam, or easily forgetting people’s names. Memory skills are important to foster and strengthen throughout life as they can help encourage success in both personal and professional situations. 

Logic and Reasoning Skills

It has been determined that the average person makes around 35,000 decisions every day. Each time one of these decisions is made, both logic and reasoning are used to determine the best choice. Logic and reasoning allow us to make sense of the world as well as make informed decisions. When either of these skills is weak or not functioning at its best, it can cause poor decision-making or the inability to understand concepts. Poor logic and reasoning skills can look like having trouble with math, struggling to make a simple decision, and feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Improving your logic and reasoning skills can help you learn new skills easily and make critical decisions correctly. 

Auditory Processing Skills  

From listening to your favorite genre of music to speaking with a coworker, auditory processing is an essential skill that is used frequently. Auditory processing allows you to analyze the noises around you to make sense of them. With a weakened ability to process auditory information and sounds, you may struggle with holding a conversation, listening to a lecture, or feeling overwhelmed in nosy settings. Improving your auditory processing skills can help you better retain verbal information, hold sustainable conversations, and focus in loud atmospheres. 

Visual Processing Skills  

The ability to understand and retain visual information is also known as visual processing skills. When someone has weak visual processing skills they may struggle to read, remember written information, follow directions, and understand maps. Strengthening your visual processing skills can help you read faster, retain the information you have read for long periods of time, and make better sense of your visible surroundings. 

Attention Skills

Attention is a cognitive skill that has been found to largely contribute to a person’s success both in the workplace and in personal relationships. With continuous incoming information, it can be difficult to make your brain focus on one thing at a time. With the rise in technology and therefore continuous distractions, people have been found to have weak attention skills. Weak attention will often cause you to struggle with completing tasks in a timely manner, get bored or worn out easily, and get distracted easily. By improving your attention, you will be able to complete tasks not only faster, avoid mistakes, and improve your stamina for draining tasks. 

Improve Your Cognitive Skills With A Cognitive Connection  

At A Cognitive Connection, our passionate team is dedicated to helping the members of the community with all aspects of cognitive and behavioral brain function. We’ve invested in our education to be able to provide you with an unmatched level of expertise and help improve your quality of life. We will help you target your cognitive skills that need to be strengthened to help encourage beneficial and lasting behavior changes. If you are ready to begin working towards better cognitive function, contact us today! 

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