Best Brain Exercises For Seniors

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A Cognitive Connection is passionate about helping you understand the “why” behind your behaviors. From cognitive brain training to behavioural counseling, we offer a plethora of services to help improve the brain functions of you and your loved ones. We operate with compassion and care to help you reach your behavioral goals, whatever they may be, throughout all stages of your life. 

One of the most important times to integrate brain exercises into your routine is as you become older, when you may begin to notice your brain doesn’t function as it used to. To help keep you cognitively healthy, our team of passionate professionals has compiled a list of the best brain exercises for seniors to complete. 

7 Mental Exercises For The Elderly

Exercise, both physical and mental, is one of the most important aspects of being healthy. Just as you would go to the gym to improve your physical health, it’s important to exercise your mind to improve your cognitive health. As you become older, it’s important to continue these cognitive exercises to make sure you’re taking proper care of your brain. Some exercises you can do to help boost your memory and other cognitive abilities include:

  1. Puzzles
    • Puzzles are a great way to exercise your mind while having fun. Whether it’s attempting the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, or playing Sudoku, it’s important to integrate puzzles into your routine. Try and set yourself a goal of completing at least one puzzle a week. 
  2. Arts & Crafts
    • Creating something with your hands is another wonderful way to keep your brain healthy and strong. Art-focused activities have been shown to help significantly boost mental capabilities. Studies have shown that when seniors participate in crafts, the likelihood of them developing memory loss decreases by 30 to 50 percent. As a senior, it’s important to spend time enjoying your favorite hobbies and participating in your favorite arts to make sure your mental capabilities stay sharp!
  3. Music
    • When we’re older, and have retired, we find ourselves with much more free time on our hands. A great way to spend this time is by learning to play a new instrument. Learning to play an instrument is not only a great way to fight off depression and anxiety, but it also triggers your brain’s reward system when you learn a new piece of music. If you’re not interested in learning how to play a new instrument, you can sing instead. Singing has been shown to also improve the brain’s cognitive abilities.
  4. Gardening
    • Gardening is a popular hobby among seniors. It’s an activity that helps keep you active, and helps you get some sun exposure. Spending too much time indoors can lead to feelings of loneliness and sadness. Gardening is a great way to exercise your brain, as it requires you to think constantly. From planning what supplies you need to creating a watering schedule, gardening is a wonderful way to improve your brain power.
  5. Cooking
    • Cooking is an activity that utilizes all five senses, which are all located in different areas of the brain. Not only is cooking a great way to increase your cognitive skills, but it’s also one of the best ways to establish your independence, especially if you live in a retirement home or are no longer able to drive.
  6. Writing
    • If you want to stimulate your brain, one way to do so is to write. It doesn’t matter whether you write letters to your family or you write in a journal, writing is a brain exercise that will help improve your memory and other mental capabilities. It can even be as simple as writing a grocery list, as long as you’re writing and putting pen to paper.
  7. Physical Activities
    • As we age, it’s important we stay active and promote a healthy flow of blood and oxygen. A healthy flow of blood and oxygen equals a healthy brain. Make sure to choose an activity that you’ll enjoy and stick with, don’t choose something that might be too hard for you or that you might quit after a week.

A Cognitive Connection’s Brain Exercises Help Increase Senior’s Health

The older we get, the quicker our cognitive abilities begin to diminish. In order to promote healthy brains as we age, it’s crucial to integrate brain exercises into our routines. There are probably some cognitive exercises you already have in your routine that you didn’t realize were brain exercises, such as cooking. With our team of passionate professionals on your side, we’ll help you learn new ways to integrate brain exercises into your life and increase your mental capabilities. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you improve the health of your brain, please contact our team today!

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