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A New Kind Of Care

We created the H.E.R.O.E.S. program, a day program for adults, to be able to provide high-quality services for the adults of our community who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Like all of our programs, one of our main goals with this program is to help individuals become more self-sufficient and confident in their skills.

Supported Community Connections (SLS, DD, CES)

Our supported community connections services allow individuals to take part in structured activities that help promote creativity, participation, exercise and overall wellness. The individuals who take part in this program build long-lasting relationships while learning how to utilize public resources, such as museums and libraries.

Community Connector (CES)

Community connector services help individuals interact with individuals who don’t have disabilities, strengthening their social skills. Programs such as these are immensely helpful in teaching people with disabilities how to function in their community. This program takes place within the individual’s community, not at their home.

Respite Services

If someone’s regular caregiver is unavailable, respite services allow our professionals to supervise someone on a short-term basis. Our respite services can be provided at an individual’s home, the home of our provider or at a state-approved facility. These services are not meant to require someone who will need to perform medical duties.

Pre-Vocational Services

These services are geared towards helping individuals with developmental disabilities acquire work-related skills. Some activities involved with this service include task completion, problem solving, decision making and communication. We provide this service at our office and at approved community business locations.

Homemaker Services

One of our staff members will provide general household activities for an individual while their caretaker is unavailable. These activities include cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. These services are intended to be provided for an individual with disabilities, and not for any other members of the household.


Our mentorship activities are aimed to provide training and living services to individuals, such as infant training for parents with a disability. Some of the skills provided with our mentorship program include planning daily activities, learning how to access community resources and understanding complex medical issues.

Personal Care Services

Our personal care services are geared towards meeting the daily needs of our clients. These services allow us to ensure that an individual is able to function in their own home, a caregiver’s home or in their family’s home. These services cover all daily living needs including menstrual care, bathing, basic first aid, grooming and dressing.

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