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Helping you achieve your behavioral goals with compassionate and understanding care. Whether you’re interested in improving your own brain function, want to help improve a loved one’s brain function or are seeking support in other areas of your life, such as parenting, our team is here to help you throughout your journey with us.

Cognitive Brain Training

Our team utilizes certain programs to rebuild the neural pathways of the brain. By rebuilding these neural networks, we’re able to synchronize the brain and achieve a more efficient function and performance level. It’s proven that with as little as ten minutes of mental exercise every day, short-term memory and thinking skills are vastly improved. We’ll create a personalized schedule that integrates programs proven to train your brain and improve cognitive performance.


One of the technologies A Cognitive Connection utilizes is V.I.B.E.S. otherwise known as the Vibrational Individualized Body Enhancement System. This innovative system from Bioharmonic Technologies combines sound, energy, frequency and vibrations to help balance your brain chemistry and body physiology. Utilizing this tool awakens your nervous system while simultaneously helping your body restore and heal itself, helping you reach optimal wellness.

Mind’s Eye

Another piece of technology our team uses is the Mind’s Eye system from Theta Technologies. This mental fitness system is a light and sound machine that uses light and sound combinations to help ease you into a state of deep relaxation without the use of prescription drugs. Some benefits of using this machine include being able to visualize new goals, falling asleep quicker, achieving a total state of calmness and stimulating your creativity.

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral assessments help our team observe, understand and sometimes correct certain behaviors. With our behavioral assessment, we’ll conduct cognitive and educational evaluations to gain a more thorough understanding of your loved one’s brain. These assessments have an integral role in deciding which therapies and learning techniques are best for an individual. In addition to tests, we may speak with family members to help us form a better picture.

Behavioral Counseling

A Cognitive Connection offers behavioral counseling in both individual and group settings. The main purpose of our behavioral counseling is to help an individual acquire and maintain adaptive behaviors, social skills and manage self-interactions to improve their quality of life. Some of the techniques that may be used in counseling include tapping exercises, anger management, music therapy, systematic desensitization and rhythm training.

Behavioral Consultation

If an individual has a developmental disability and could benefit from learning certain adaptive behaviors, then a behavioral consultation is a great place to start. After we complete our behavioral consultation, our team will recommend a behavioral support plan to help improve one’s social skills and learn how to better manage their moods and behaviors. These plans are intended to help individuals facing a challenging behavioral roadblock.

Here are some of the easy ways we can help you

H.E.R.O.E.S Program

Our H.E.R.O.E.S. program is a day program focused on providing support for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. At A Cognitive Connection, our goal with this program is to provide opportunities for socialization, utilizing adaptive skills and participation in community activities.

Our Classes

In addition to our programs, we also offer classes for those who are seeking additional support. Some of the classes we offer include parenting classes, one-on-one tutoring, social skills classes, anger management and conflict resolution. Whatever your needs are, we have the skills to help you succeed.

Receive Compassionate Care From A Cognitive Connection

Whether you are seeking support for yourself or a family member, A Cognitive Connection obtains the tools and resources necessary to help improve various areas of mental abilities, physical abilities, social skills and emotional responses. If you would like to learn more about our programs and classes, and want to find out how they can benefit you and your family, please contact our team today.

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