Why Brain Training Is Important

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You’ve probably heard of brain training. Maybe you’ve even tried an online program that claims to improve memory, focus, and attention. But if you’re wondering why brain training is important and if it actually works, this blog post is for you.

Similar to how we enhance our health by training our bodies at the gym, we can strengthen our cognitive functions through mental exercise. Brain training gives our brain a boost to reach its full cognitive potential. The key is choosing the right kind of training program, but more on that later.

At A Cognitive Connection, we aim to help you live a fulfilling life. First, by implementing cutting-edge technology, we will help you understand the “why” behind behaviors. Then we take what we learned and create a personalized approach to eliminate undesirable behaviors and encourage helpful ones. Our brains are powerful tools that can help us live the lives we deserve.

What Is Brain Training?

Brain training is a way of strengthening cognitive skills by improving neural connections in the brain. As you build and strengthen new neural pathways, you improve your brain’s ability to process incoming information. The more you practice certain mental tasks, the more you improve. Similar to how lifting weights at the gym builds muscle over time, our brains form stronger neural connections the more we train using specific methods. 

Whether you struggle with thinking clearly, understanding new concepts, or remembering, brain training can target these weak cognitive areas and strengthen them. In addition, many people struggle with certain behaviors that seem impossible to change. But, brain training is a practical solution to help you reach your full potential and make positive behavior changes. 

Benefits of Brain Training

Brain training programs can offer a variety of benefits if you practice the games, exercises, and tasks consistently. However, you should perform mental exercises under the instruction of a professional cognitive therapist to help ensure your cognitive goals are met. Practicing on your own certainly won’t hurt, but you may not see the results you want.

Is brain training right for you? If you have a brain, absolutely! Whether you want to improve your attention span at work or lessen the symptoms of ADHD, brain training poses an opportunity for everyone to grow in their cognitive abilities.

Improved Memory 

One primary benefit of brain training is its ability to improve memory. While it may not be obvious, memory has a lot to do with success. From being able to remember important information while taking a test to the ability to quickly pick up new skills, memory directly impacts our primary cognitive capabilities and, therefore, the functions needed to be successful.

Behavioral Changes 

Brain training also allows for behavioral changes. Whether it’s a tendency to get easily distracted or the inability to quickly learn new information, we all have behaviors that we wish to change or improve. 

With consistent training, you can target those weak cognitive areas that are causing undesirable behaviors and strengthen them. This will then result in behavioral changes that will leave a lasting impact on your life.

Improved Attention Span 

Whether at work or while learning a new hobby, it’s common to struggle with staying focused. Brain training will strengthen your cognitive ability, and in turn, your attention span. Through exercises designed to teach your brain to stay focused, you will be able to live a more fulfilling life by being able to work on a task until its completion. 

Shorter Reaction Time 

Child cleaning spilled milk. Brain training can help prevent accidents.

Another benefit is shorter reaction times. By strengthening the neural connections in your brain, you will be able to react faster and more accurately to situations. So, whether it’s catching a glass of water before it tips over or finding a solution to a problem, your improved brain function will help you react in faster and more productive ways. 

Better Ability to Plan

Planning ahead is another important cognitive skill that can be improved with consistent brain training. Stronger neural pathways can help you think ahead and take the right steps to achieve your desired outcome. We could all use a little more of this skill in our everyday life!

How to Train Your Brain

As mentioned above, you’ll see the best results from your brain training program when you work with a cognitive therapist, but you can still play exercise your brain at home too! The experts at Harvard Health recommend brain training activities that are challenging and complex, and we agree! You’ll also need to practice often. 

Here are a few activities that can actually change the structure of your brain if practiced frequently:

  • Learning a new language
  • Playing an instrument
  • Meditation 
  • Physical exercise

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Improve Your Cognitive Ability With A Cognitive Connection

At A Cognitive Connection, we offer various services to help you live a fulfilling and rewarding life. As cognitive experts, we are passionate about assisting individuals throughout Colorado Springs to unlock their full cognitive potential. 

With training, your brain will be equipped to face challenges and come out the other side triumphant. So, brain training is the solution whether you want to improve your personal, professional life, or both. Schedule a free consultation today to find out how we can help you. We would love to develop a personalized cognitive therapy plan for you!

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