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A Cognitive Connection

A Cognitive Connection is the go-to center in Colorado Springs for cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, memory care and brain integration. We’ve created programs that combine cognitive therapy and innovative, cutting-edge technology to be able to support the residents of the community to the best of our abilities. 

Cognitive Brain Training

Cognitive brain training is one of the tools our team uses to improve a number of cognitive skills. Some of these skills include attention, problem solving, memory, reading and psychosocial skills. This type of treatment is especially beneficial in patients who have suffered from a brain injury or neurological event, such as a seizure.

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral assessments involve using various techniques to study and evaluate someone’s behavior. These assessments help our team better understand why your brain or your loved one’s brain is behaving in a certain matter. With these assessments, we’re able to better decide which techniques will help us achieve our goals.

Behavior Counseling

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer behavioral counseling in both individual settings and group settings. Behavioral counseling allows us to integrate exercises and techniques to help an individual develop or improve certain behaviors. We’ve seen our behavioral counseling immensely improve people’s quality of life.

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral consultation is a widely recognized practice that helps individuals overcome behavioral obstacles and learn certain life-improving techniques and skills. Behavioral consultations allow our team to thoroughly assess an individual’s needs and create a plan to help them overcome any behavioral roadblocks.

About A Cognitive Connection

At A Cognitive Connection, our mission is simple: to serve the brain-related and behavioral needs of the individuals within our community with respect and love. Our team utilizes technology, various therapies and multi-sensory methods to evaluate how an individual’s brain processes information. The better we understand one’s brain dynamics, the better we’re able to help them improve various brain behaviors.

No matter a client’s age, if we understand how their brain processes thoughts and feelings, we’re able to improve multiple brain functions. Some of these functions include focus, memory, visual perception, auditory processing, academic performance, professional drive, personal development and relationships.

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H.E.R.O.E.S Program

Our H.E.R.O.E.S. program is a day program focused on providing support for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. At A Cognitive Connection, our goal with this program is to provide opportunities for socialization, utilizing adaptive skills and participation in community activities.

Our Classes

In addition to our programs, we also offer classes for those who are seeking additional support. Some of the classes we offer include parenting classes, one-on-one tutoring, social skills classes, anger management and conflict resolution. Whatever your needs are, we have the skills to help you succeed.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The reason for doing what we do is simple: the people we help along the way. We’re proud to share some of our stories with you and provide a peek into the rewarding and humbling relationships that are built with A Cognitive Connection.

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Enhance Your Life With A Cognitive Connection

If you are eager to learn more about how to properly care for a loved one who has a mental or physical disability, please reach out to our caring team at A Cognitive Connection. We utilize our assessments and personalized programs to help individuals build emotional, physical and mental skills. We understand that caring for a friend or family can quickly become expensive, and we are proud to offer multiple payment options because we want everyone to have access to our services. We accept Medicaid Waiver, self-pay options on a sliding scale and in-house financing for those that are interested in spreading out payments. Please contact us today, we can’t wait to help you!

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A Cognitive Connection

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