3 Tips To Accelerate Your Productivity

Are you looking to achieve greater productivity in your work, daily life, or business?

Follow these 3 tips to shift from being busy into being productive and achieve excellence every day.

1. 3D’s – Do It, Delegate It, Dump It

You want to categorize your To-Do List into DO, DELEGATE, and DUMP. Prioritize and focus on what you can do and delegate or dump the rest.

  • Decide on what are the things only I can do.
  • Take your to-do list and label it.
  • Some things you have to just let go- Dump It

2. Focus On The Big 3

Look at your To-Do List and choose the BIG THREE things you MUST get done.

  • Label the top 3 for that day
  • Leave little things in the late afternoon when you are tired
  • Book: The One Thing by Gary Keller

3. Entrepreneurial ADD

You want to Time Chunk and quit multitasking! Set aside 20-90 minutes to complete a task.

  • You can NOT multitask
  • Every 11 minutes we are interrupted
  • 37 window changes per hour on average
  • Time Chunking:
  • Set aside 20-30 minutes to focus and make it happen
  • Time block 90-minutes to focus and make it happen
  • Closeout to the world and set a timer

For more information on achieving productivity in your business visit JulieMillerDavis.com.

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