What is Neuroplasticity?

Have you ever heard that once a brain cell has been damaged that it can never be repaired? Research has proven that this is not true. The brain can actually change, new dendrite pathways can be generated and parts of the brain can be stimulated to reorganize and function differently. This concept is called Neuroplasticity. […]

3 Tips To Accelerate Your Productivity

Are you looking to achieve greater productivity in your work, daily life, or business? Follow these 3 tips to shift from being busy into being productive and achieve excellence every day. 1. 3D’s – Do It, Delegate It, Dump It You want to categorize your To-Do List into DO, DELEGATE, and DUMP. Prioritize and focus […]

Quick & Easy Preventative Interventions For Teachers

Highly effective teachers know how to stop most disruptions without having to stop their instruction. They achieve this by using a variety of small yet powerful techniques. Listed below are just a few examples: Build positive relationships immediately Look at the misbehaving student, smile, and shake your head, indicating, NO Use projection technology instead of […]