What Are Conflict Resolution Strategies?

The graphic features a man and a woman arguing with the woman holding her hands out toward the man.

As the go-to behavioral center in Colorado Springs, A Cognitive Connection is here to help you learn and understand healthy behaviors. Something that everyone deals with is conflict. Whether it’s workplace conflict or conflict with a loved one, it’s something that we’ll continuously experience throughout our lives.  Our cognitive experts want to help you learn […]

What Is A Behavioral Assessment?

This graphic features an image of a woman with a low bun watching a child in a striped shirt play with some blocks sitting in front of him on a table.

We created A Cognitive Connection to help the individuals of Colorado Springs learn how to improve their mental health, cognitive abilities, and brain functions. Our behavioral center offers various programs, events, and classes to help you and your loved ones better understand their brains and how to integrate brain exercises into everyday routines. As a […]

How Does Stress Affect Your Brain?

This graphic features a stressed man in a blue shirt sitting at a desk and rubbing his eyes under his glasses.

A Cognitive Connection is a center in Colorado Springs dedicated to helping the people of the community understand why they behave in certain ways. There’s a reason behind every single action you take and every single word you speak. Our brains act with purpose, and we’re here to help you learn how to better understand […]