Cognitive Brain Training:

Utilizing The Listening Program®, Brain Builder®, and Interactive Metronome® training, we can reorganize and rebuild neural pathways in order to synchronize the brain to better overall functioning and performance.


Utilizing multi-modalities of behavioral support and cognitive retraining such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Behavioral Support, and Functional Behavior Analysis  so that we can tailor intervention specific to your child’s or adult with behavioral needs.

We can set up home, school,and community plans to improve frustration levels, anger management skills, family issues, and school/community success.ork with you on an individualized basis to work with your relaEted needs by using:


Our staff is highly trained in all general and special educational needs with certifications in reading intervention, math support and all Colorado Core subjects. Accommodations and modifications will be designed and implemented for your students success. We take into consideration all IEP goals and objectives and can report for quarterly progress.


We offer group and individual support for parents or caregivers. Carol is a certified facilitator for the Love & Logictrademark  programs. We can help you find out your parenting style, work on easing the stress of discipline and bring the peace back in the household.