What Is Cognitive Therapy?

The graphic shows a little girl with braids speaking to a mental health professional and the the little girl is pointing to a picture with a big happy face on it.

A Cognitive Connection was created to help the community members of Colorado Springs better understand the reasoning behind their behaviors. We use a variety of programs and therapies to help you understand and enhance your cognitive abilities. If you’ve never explored the world of cognitive and behavioral brain functions, you may be asking yourself, “What […]

Learn The Signs Of Cognitive Decline

The graphic features an older man with his face in his hand looking very upset.

At A Cognitive Connection, we’re committed to helping people understand why they act a certain way and say certain things. The more we understand our brains and our behaviors, the better equipped we are to take positive steps toward creating healthy patterns. As we age, one thing that begins to happen is our cognitive abilities […]

Best Brain Exercises For Seniors

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A Cognitive Connection is passionate about helping you understand the “why” behind your behaviors. From cognitive brain training to behavioural counseling, we offer a plethora of services to help improve the brain functions of you and your loved ones. We operate with compassion and care to help you reach your behavioral goals, whatever they may […]