10 Keys To Have An Ageless Mind

One third of your memory is predetermined by genetics and biology. Two thirds is in your control. Here are 10 keys to you can take control over today to start living a healthier longer life and have an ageless mind.

1. Good Brain Diet

The most important foods for your brain that are neuro-protective are avocados, blueberries a.k.a “brain berries,” broccoli, green leafy dark vegetables, and turmeric. Food is one of the most important aspects for a healthier brain and life. By taking control of what type of foods enter your body determines longevity and vibrancy of your life. With so many grocery stores carrying a wide-spread of processed foods, it’s important to gravitate towards foods that are going to help you instead of make life more difficult.

2. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

How well are you at controlling negative self-talk? Do you constantly say “I’m forgetful” or “I have a bad memory?” If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them. Your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk. Make a practice of catching your self when negative self-talk appears, and focus on incorporating self-fulling positive thoughts into your life on a daily basis.

3. Exercise

The number one function of your brain is to control your movement. We know there’s not just a brain-body connection but also a body-brain connection that using your body in different ways stimulates neurogenesis, brain derived nootropic factors (fertilizer for making new connections) and neuroplasticity. It’s so important to move! We live in a very sedentary life, and when we don’t move we don’t get that brain growth. How much are you moving every single day?

4. Brain Nutrients

The most important supplement for the brain is DHA. By making sure your body and brain are getting the right vitamins and nutrients you are setting yourself up to perform at your best.

5. Positive Peer Group

How inspired, encouraged, challenged, energized by your peer group? Peers are the people that you choose to be in your life. Your brain is tremendously affected by the people you surround yourself with.

6. Clean Environment

How clean is your environment? How organized is your environment? Your external world is reflected by your internal world. And vice-versa. Having a clean environment gives you clarity of thought.

7. Sleep

Sleep is important for your brain for 3 different reasons. First, it’s where you consolidate short to long term memory. Your building your brain when you rest. Second, it cleans plaque out that could lead to dementia or potentially brain aging challenges. Third, REM sleep is important because that’s where your creativity happens. Your brain is more active at night. Practice remembering your dreams because dreams have been where many people have created inventions. Dreams can help solve problems in your daily life.

8. Brain Protection

Are you protecting your brain? Of course wearing protective gear during extreme sports, but also things like EMFs. Either turning your phone on airplane mode or leaving your phone in another room while you sleep are ways to protect your brain against the EMFs.

9. New Learnings

You want to be a lifelong learner. By learning everyday, reading everyday, and having deep conversations consistently can add years to your life. That’s how you create neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. The secret to having an ageless mind. Neurogenesis says you can create new brain cells until the day you die. Neuroplasticity says you can create new connections until the day you die. Most people as we grow older, shut down because we feel like we know everything. Continue to learn new things everyday.

10. Stress Management

How are you managing your stress? We are already under a lot of stress, from environmental stress, work stress, financial stress, cognitive stress, and emotional stress. It’s important to find a way that works best for you on managing the stress in your life. Whether it’s from talking a walk every night and breathing in fresh air, practicing yoga on a daily basis, or using meditation everyday. Remember to include a stress management into your daily life because stress affects the brain.

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