Assessments are offered to help evaluate your cognitive, behavioral, or functional levels for personal need or to add to a body of evidence needed for diagnosis.

These assessments include:

  • Brain Builder test of visual and auditory processing speed
  • Conner’s Rating Scales for ADHD
  • Differential test of conduct and emotional problems
  • Behavioral Assessment System for Children
  • The Behavior Dimensions Scale
  • Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale
  • Attention -Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test
  • Children’s Category Test
  • Pediatric and Adult Functional Behavioral Assessments
  • Motivation assessments
  • Survey of Reinforcers
  • Learning Accomplishment Profiles for infants
  • Reading comprehension, fluency, and proficiency tests
  • Comprehensive Math skill assessments

Cost of evaluations are determined on an individual basis and include a comprehensive written evaluation report.