Our Services

Parenting classes

Through individualized and group classes, we can teach you how to enforce discipline in the household through loving techniques to reduce the chaos of life.

Behavioral Intervention

We can set up home,school and community plans specific to your child’s or adult with behavioral needs to improve frustration levels, anger management skills, family issues, and school/community success.


Accommodations and modifications will be designed and implemented for your child’s success in all Colorado Core subjects and many more.

Focused Brain Training

We work hand in hand with you on an individualized basis to help brain related issues to help with better focus, concentration,memory, attention, learning, visual and auditory processing and many more.


At A Cognitive Connection, we can perform certain assessments needed for Special Need’s qualifications and figure out what your strong and weak points are to try to help train those specific areas of your brain.

Free Consultations

Call us for a free consultation with one of our certified team members today!